Picture Book Den blog and other developments

Book birthday!

A lot has happened in the past week since Raccoon and the Hot Air Balloon was published. Firstly, Jane Clarke, of Picture Book Den, kindly let me write a blog, which was posted on the website on 28th June to coincide with the book’s birthday. It’s called Picture Books – A Lifetime Love by Jill Atkins, Guest Blogger. Here is the link to the website, then type in my name.


Secondly, I’ve written a piece to go in the the local newspaper, hopefully, not sure exactly when. That is the West Sussex County Times. It should appear sometime mid July 2021.

Thirdly, I’ve been making arrangements for my zoom reading with Storrington Primary School Reception class on 16th July. Yesterday was most frustrating! Maverick were going to host the zoom for me, but unfortunately Kate will be on holiday that week and can’t do it, so I have to work out how to host the zoom myself! I have several friends who I’m sure will help me. Then I popped to the local bookshop to confirm that any book sales from the reading could be done through them and found that they’re very busy so could I sell books to the children myself. To be fair, they rang the supplier who had none in stock!! And anyway, ‘it’s rather near the end of term for children to be able to order and receive before the summer holidays.’ I rang school to see it they would allow me to sell books – a book exchanged for a sealed envelope containing the money. Answer: no! They are not dealing with anything like that thanks to COVID! And the email has gone to parents telling them to get the book through the bookshop. Confusion! So I’m down to arranging everything myself with potentially no book sales. Ever felt let down? Cath Jones suggested I might ask the bookshop if they would take some of the books I’ve already purchased and sell them if there are orders from school – we would share the money. We shall see. I’ll have to ask. With me setting up the zoom, you never know, there might be no reading anyway.

Chin up! Worse things happen.

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