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Ransom is a great publisher of books for reluctant readers of all ages – see also under Early Readers, Key Stages 1 and 2.

Check out my selection of books aimed at 13-years-old-plus

A Brightness out of the Blue, (Raven Books)

This is my latest book just out. It’s a modern day take on Cinderella with a twist. It’s written for 12+ year olds.
I’m really excited to have some really great reviews already. Here are two of them:
She’s turned it into a modern day love story with plenty of magical twists and surprising plot developments. I particularly liked how she has changed the names. I’m not going to give any of them away; you’ll have to read the book yourself. But they are clever and funny! A very enjoyable read.’ Vegyjones on Amazon
‘I thought A Brightness out of the Blue was an inspired idea by Jill Atkins, cleverly reworking the traditional story of Cinderella into a modern context. It was a really uplifting read.’ C Bullivant on Amazon

I’ve written some books for older readers for Ransom publishing who produce early readers for teens and adults, as well as Key Stages 1 and 2. Some have very basic language and sentence construction. For example:

Gus and the Tin of Ham
Go to the Laptop Man

Some quite hard-hitting themes are the subject of the following books:

Gaps in the Brain
New Kinds of Energy

A brand new series is just out also published by Ransom!!! It’s called Microwave Shakespeare and I’ve written three of the nine titles. They are available in paperback and ebook.

The Tempest is one of a series of introductions to Shakespeare’s key plays.

It is perfect as an introduction before studying the play, for revision purposes and for reluctant and struggling readers. The play is retold as a straightforward, pacey narrative in chapter-book format. The book use the present tense and lots of dialogue (in present-day English) to recreate the experience of actually watching the play. 

The text follow the original plays faithfully so students can acquire an accurate understanding of the action and plot. Memorable quotations from the original text (in italics) make this book perfect for exam crammers! Plus each book includes visual information to help pupils get to grips with the plot, the key characters and their important relationships in the play. The stories are all presented in the period of the play but with modern day language. 

Written by award winning writer Jill Atkins these are really accessible books. They are perfect for getting all pupils, whatever their ability, comfortable with each play before they go on to study it in its original form and a great all round introduction to Shakespeare.

The Tempest

I’ve also written:

Twelfth Night


Julius Caesar

The blurb reads: ‘Everything you need to know to get yourself up Shakespeare’s slippery slope – and pass those exam. All the important bits of the play in an easy-to-read format. It’s all written in the present tense, so it’s just like watching the play being performed in front of you. Important characters are identified – plus there’s a summary of what it’s all about. No more Shakespeare gobbledegook!

Slightly older books also for teenage reluctant readers:

  1. Shades – very short novels:. The first two of those below are also published as Sharp Shades – even shorter, more simply written.
The Real Test
Cry, Baby

2. Breakouts – slightly longer than Shades, but still intended for those who prefer a shorter read. These are available in ebooks.

The Witch's Daughter

3. Novels – longer still, but not too long and demanding. These are available in paperback and ebook form.

Being Jack
Seeing Red
Keeping Mum