Books – Key Stage 1

Books for the slightly more advanced young reader

As a sleepy William awakes from the cries of Fire, Fire, he thinks something big must be burning. But from the comfort of his own bed he does not realise the whole of London is ablaze! Will is desperate to help save his home and beloved city but are Will and his family in danger? Will they be able to escape with their lives?

Yasmin lives in a tiny house with her mama and papa and six little brothers and sisters. They are poor and hungry and, as the oldest child, Yasmin knows she needs to do something to help. So, she sets off to find some food. But Yasmin can t find any food and, instead, is given some mysterious parcels. How can these parcels help her feed her family?

Luckily! tells the story of Sir Ben the Bold who dons his magic suit of armour to enable him to chase the fierce fiery dragon, rescue the king’s teddy bear and return it to its owner.

Luckily! (Star Readers) (Library Edition) FOR LIBRARY SUPPLIERS ONLY

Toad swims for his Life published by Oxford University Press. Toad has to swims against very fierce opposition in the Animal Oplympics.