The Great Fire of London Storrington Primary School

5th December 2019

I’m always made so welcome at Storrington Primary School, where I regularly volunteer in Reception class each week, and I was booked to do my annual visit regarding the Great Fire of London, which is Year 2 topic for the second half of the Autumn Term. My visit was set for 5th December.

The children love the subject of the Great Fire and they always amaze me with their enthusiasm and their mastery of facts. Part of my visit was to chat with them about what they know – and they know everything!! Then I showed them my copy of Pepys diary and read a short passage; talked about fire engines, then (Mr Keeling’s engine) and now, and how inadequate fire equipment was then; we completed a giant, simple crossword puzzle together and I left smaller copies for the children to do afterwards; I read the first two chapters of my book. Then I sold a few Great Fire of London books.

Thanks to the two teachers, Abi and Steph, and the children for a lovely visit!

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