Patron Author Berewood Primary School

February 2020

In October 2019, I was approached by four BEd students of Chichester University. They have been working on a project with a new school in Waterlooville whose numbers have shot up thanks to a massive housing estate being built nearby. Consequently, the number of books the school was allocated on opening is now severely inadequate so the student had embarked on a fund raising project coupled with a plan to improve the children’s love of, appreciation and care of books and reading. So they approached me to ask if I was interested in helping out by being the school’s Patron Author. I happily agreed and arranged to visit the school in November.

We shared an assembly, with the students presentation on looking after book then I introduced myself and why I was there. After school, I had a long talk with the KS1 Lead for English, Kat, when I gave advice, made suggestions about improving the profile of books and the enjoyment of reading, listed good authors and books for all abilities and ages and offered my services in general and specifically to do with enriching children’s writing.

In January 2020, I heard from Kat, telling me of their work so far. Library is much better stocked, library monitors have been chosen from the older children and they are working hard and responsibly. We arranged that I would visit school later in the term.

Meanwhile, I heard from Dave, KS2 Lead on English, and we’ve arranged for me to visit school in the near future. I will work with Years 5 and 6 on enrichment of writing as well as talking about my books, Sophie’s Secret War, as the topic for this term has been World War II. I’ll also talk about being published and what that takes! The date hasn’t been set yet but likely to be after half term.

I will also visit for World Book Day, Thursday 5th March and I await Kat’s plans for that day. Watch this space!!

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